2 Steps In The Right Direction

Posted on November 09, 2013

There has been some nice steps in the right direction over the past 2 games. The Sixer's win in Philly and the Nets at Verizon Ctr have shown improvement in many areas:

Defensive Pressure and rotations, trust is developing, Beal, Wall, Ariza, Webster, Manor are keeping guys in front, denying penetration, finding shooters, helping and recovering.....Better

Gortat and Nene defensively are rotating and helping out the perimeter....Better

3 Ball: 18-33 vs Philly, and 10-24 vs Nets...WOW....Better

Points in the Paint: Dead even with Nets, John's penetration and the Gortat and Nene quick chemistry....Better

Assist/TO ratio 28-16 vs Nets...Better

John's Playmaking, Leadership, Shot Selection, Clock Management, and DEFENSE.. 14 A - 4TO vs Nets.....ALOT Better

Beal's jumper and rhythm...29 pts on 11-20FG....Better

Nene playing with emotion 20/8 vs Nets....a difference maker...Better

Gortat's fits in beautifully to the mix. 15/12 vs Nets....Better

Ariza has been the Defensive Leader and big shot maker...the ONE CONSTANT

Now, keep the momentum going, D pressure is the KEY.

next up:

Wizards rise up for victory over Nets

November 09, 2013

The Wizards battled the Nets and an early deficit to secure a dramatic overtime win.


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