Wizards Know the Answer, but Solution Remains Elusive

Posted on January 06, 2014

To be sure it was frustrating. An entertaining first half between the Wizards and Warriors that produced a tied game at 58, unraveled into a one-sided 112-96 Golden State win.

Missed shots on offense are leading to missed assignments on defense.

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Ups and downs Sunday night


Randy Wittman adds:

“Until we can learn to play through missed shots and not zap your own energy and the energy of your teammates, we’re going to play like that. We’re too much, right now, of a team of front-runners, where if things are going good, our energy level is really high. And when we don’t make shots, the energy just zaps from our bodies. It’s has to be almost the other way around. It’s almost has to be, you’ve got to energize yourself through bad play. This game’s a game of mistakes. The team that can play through mistakes, and then obviously limit them, but play through them, usually wins. And a missed shot being a mistake.”

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