Wrapping our heads around a wild night at Verizon Center.

Posted on January 12, 2014

It was entertaining, but the goal is to win.  The fourth quarter was a wild swing of emotions for Wizards fans. As the Wizards opened the final 12 minutes making 10 of their first 13 shots,  fans were on their feet cheering wildly. When the Wizards snared a five-point lead at 102-97 there was an air of confidence in the building for the home team. Instead the Wizards missed their final 15 shots and lost to the Rockets 114-107.

Kevin Seraphin spurs Wizards surge


Seraphin not only helped the Wizards on offense, but was effective on Dwight Howard at the defensive end. The Rockets still had James Harden to turn to and he took over in the end.

The postgame show on radio was jumping last night as fans tried to sort out a game that was as thrilling as it was frustrating for the Wizards.

Conclusions from Rockets game


Randy Wittman:

"Disappointment. You guys that know me well enough to know that they hey, if we lose, and we played that way for 48 minutes and we got beat, you know what we just got beat by a better team tonight.  They played better than us, I can't fault their effort, we went out, we laid it on the line and we came up empty.  I can't say that tonight.  Seventeen minutes we laid it on the line.  It takes more than that."

We will join you next from Chicago.

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