Wizards are blazing a trail with defense

Posted on February 04, 2014

With a consistent commitment to defense, the Wizards added Portland to their resume of quality wins with a 90-80 victory.The Wizards are now the only team in the NBA to beat the Heat, Thunder, and Blazers by double digits.

The Wizards tightened up on defense in the second half and held the Blazers to only 35 points over the final two quarters. The Blazers are the NBA's highest scoring team and average over 108 points per game.

Wizards second half surge


Randy Wittman:

“We changed a few things at halftime that got us more aggressive. And I just thought our effort, we were flying all over the place the last couple minutes of the game. To hold them [Portland] to 35 in the second half was a big accomplishment by our guys. It was a team effort. We had different guys guarding different people. John [Wall] was on Batum, Nicolas a lot. Trev [Ariza] was caught on [Damian] Lillard a lot. So it was a lot of different matchups and they were focused in doing what we had to do with that certain matchup.”

Once again Trevor Ariza was the driving forced behind the Wizards defense

Our exclusive interview with Trevor Ariza


With Trevor Booker not available, Kevin Seraphin added 19 points and turned in one of his best defensive performances

Seraphin defense


Our exclusive interview with Kevin Seraphin


Randy Wittman:

“Kevin [Seraphin] came in and gave us a big lift. Not only offense, that might be his best alertness from a defensive standpoint that he’s had since he’s been here.  That’s moving along in the right direction.”

Our exclusive interview with Martell Webster


To add to the night @funnydanny Danny Rouhier joined us from the Grant and Danny show on 106.7 FM

Rouhier fun


And the grand finale

Danny Rouhier impersonates Glenn Consor


It was wonderful to have Danny with us and he did an amazing job! He is 1-0 and the Wizards did get above .500 with him in the house.

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