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Posted on August 08, 2013 by Glenn Consor

By Glenn Consor

Tuesday night was the night the NBA announced the 2013-2104 schedule. Always fun; however, the next day, I always get bombarded from friends who have purchased season tickets or packages and here's how it goes: 

"Which games should I go to?" 

"Who aside from the Heat, Thunder, Spurs, Lakers and Celtics are fun to watch?"

"Which game is better to go to, the Mavs or the Cavs?"

"Will MJ play for the Bobcats this season?" I'm not kidding!

With all of the free agency moves, the landscape of the NBA has changed dramatically. Now, more than any year that I can remember, there will be more teams realistically knocking on the door of the playoffs, many that haven't been there for a while. Please keep in mind - and no one knows better than the Wizards - injuries can change everything for a team. That being said, here are my thoughts:

Cavs: A must with Bynum, Varejao back, Bennett the #1 pick, Kyrie, Waiters and now Jarret Jack...yikes.

Knicks: Added World Peace and Bargnani, so will be better.

Hawks: With Brand and Milsap they will improve.

Celts: A must-see. No KG, Pierce and Doc, but Rondo can make everyone better.

Nets: Seriously, adding to Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Andray Blatche, Reggie Evans are KG, Pierce, Jason Terry and Kirilenko. 'Nuff said.

Bobcats: Added Al Jefferson but still a young team that will struggle. Always a good game though.

Bulls: Rose is back and they added Dunleavy. Yikes, 'nuff said.

Mavs: New squad, added Dejuan Blair, Calderon, Dalembert, Ellington, Monte Ellis to the vets Dirk, Vince and Marion.

Nuggets: Lost a bunch: Brewer, Iguodala, Koufos, but added Nate Robinson, Foye, JJ Hickson to a veteran team, and Gallinari will be back.

Pistons: Don't miss this one. They added Josh Smith, Billups, Brandon Jennings, Caldwell-Pope and are much improved.

Warriors: Steph lost Jarrett Jack but picked up Iguodala, Toney Douglas, Speights. Watch out. And a healthy Davis Lee.

Rockets: Dwight and Harden, 'nuff said.

Pacers: Will be better! Picked up Scola, Chris Copeland, CJ Watson, and if Granger is Granger: yikes!

Clippers: Blake, CP, Crawford, DeAndre, Barnes, added Darren Collison, Jared Dudley, Byron Mullens, and JJ Redick for more fire power.

Lakers: Kobe back with Pau, Nash, Blake, picked up Kaman, and our friend Nick Young. I bet they will be better.

Grizzlies: All back, plus Mike Miller; a must-see.

Heat: All and Greg Oden.

Bucks: New team: Sanders and Ilyasova add Brandon Knight, OJ Mayo, Delfino, Ridnour, Gary Neal, Kravtsov, Wiz killer Pachulia, and rookie Nate Walters. Wow, they got better.

Timberwolves: Love and Rubio healthy adding Corey Brewer, Kevin Martin, Shabazz and Dieng nice rookies, will be better and fun to watch.

Pelicans: Will be much better. Lost Greivas but picked up Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday, Morrow, and the rookie Withey. They are good.

Thunder: Durant.....Westbrook back from Injury, a must-see.

Magic: Gotta see Oladipo.

76ers: All I will say is Wiz cannot sleep here. They are still good enough to beat you, and have fun to watch rookies Nerlens and Carter-Williams.

Suns: Dragic, most underrated guard in NBA, adds Caron, Bledsoe and rookie Archie Goodwin. Will be better.

TrailBlazers: Lillard, Batum and Aldridge carry the load, but Meyers Leonard improving, and add Mo Williams, Robin Lopez, Thomas Robinson and rookies Alan Crabbe and CJ McCollium. A must-see.

Kings: Cousins is so skilled, adds Greivis, Carl Landry, Mbah a Mooute, and explosive rookies McLemore and McCallum.

Raptors: Valanciunas is really coming on, Rudy Gay, Demar DeRozan, Lowery, add Augustin, Hansbrough, Novak and they will be better!

Spurs: Picked up Belinelli, to the same ole Duncan, 'nuff said.

Utah: Favors so underrated, Kanter getting better, could surprise.

Ok, so now I hope I answered all of the questions, and get no more calls. Every team is worth watching.  And get out and watch the Wizards join a bunch of new teams to knock on the playoffs door!

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