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Posted on January 22, 2013 by Dave Johnson

Welcome to the blogging home of your radio voices Dave Johnson and Glenn Consor. It is good to have a place for our thoughts, our wisdom, because the passion we try to bring to each game on the radio goes beyond the broadcasts. From plane rides and bus rides, to practices and games, we have the privilege of spending our lives discussing and analyzing the Washington Wizards. It is our goal to make those talking points come alive here on Daily Wizdom. Many of you have connected with us over the years on the team's blog, but now we have a home as part of the exciting new Monumental Network. The blog will continue with the wonderful insight from Jeremy Hyman and others who share the same commitment to providing the best coverage to the best fans in the NBA. Daily Wizdom will not only include our analysis, but audio reports and interviews that will help tell the Wizards' story. In addition, we will share video links from our shows on MonumentalNetwork.com. We are glad you found us and hope you stay with us for an exciting journey with Daily Wizdom and MonumentalNetwork.com.

Dave Johnson

Glenn Consor

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Wizards Report January 19

January 22, 2013

After the Washington Wizards stunned the Nuggets in Denver for a 112-108 win Bradley Beal, who led the team in scoring with 23 points, called John Wallhis partner in crime. The Wizards are hoping their crime wave continues tonight in Los Angeles against the Clippers. Here is today’s Wizards Report:


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